Music Video Monday - CockNbullkid

February 4, 2013 | Cameron

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Anita Blay is the artist behind this amazing song and video. Performing under the stage name CockNbullkid she has created some absolutely sublime and original music proving that contemporary music has to be neither bland nor soulless.

Her first full length album was released in 2011 and is entitled "Adulthood" the first single and video off the album is this groovy bass driven number entitled "One eye closed" and features some fairly deep and introspective story telling. The song is about self love and being okay with ones self and how a divide can be created internally when you are lonely and want someone to love you.

The video was directed by Jamie Thraves and is one of those videos you have to watch entirely or you miss the very important ending.

CocknBullKid - One Eye Closed from João Allex on Vimeo.

  Her video for Asthma Attack is a beautiful tribute to her hometown of London, where she is walking through the streets with three dancers behind her. It is a simple and elegant song with a video that matches. Also demonstrating that simple and elegant does not have to be boring or lacking in oomph!


And finally is her video for the song "Yellow" which is a song about having courage and being able to live your life the way you want. She very much is making a tribute to the classic MGM musicals and does a wonderful job of it. Utilizing the path of the yellow brick road she travels through the backdrop of the behind the scenes world of making a video.