Fandom Day mini-con is TOMORROW

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The York Woods Library YAG is hosting Fandom Day tomorrow!

Photo by jeriaska on Flickr

Sat April 25 from 1-4.

York Woods Library

Meeting Room 2

It's going to be a celebration of fandom. Share your fanfiction and fanart, support your OTP, watch your fav episodes, eat fandom-related snacks (butterbeer, anyone?) and debate which fandom is the best. We will cap it all off with a cosplay contest for those wearing a costume! Prize for best cosplay costume.

A story of self-discovery - NO PARKING AT THE END TIMES reviewed

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Illustration by Wenting Li; check out more of Wenting's art work on the cover of Young Voices 2013

No Parking at the End Times by Bryan Bliss

Reviewed by Editorial Youth Advisory Group member Wenting Li

With its whimsical title, and pastel-coloured cover featuring a vintage VW bus, No Parking at the End Times appears poised to be a summery and light-hearted roadtrip story. The journey Abigail, her twin brother, and their True Believer parents take is of a decidedly different variety, however. They’ve driven to San Francisco from North Carolina, prepared to wait out the apocalypse in a convenience store church. Unfortunately, the world fails to end as Brother John has promised, and Abigail’s family is left to drift around the streets, living on the fringes of society after falling off the main pages of their own lives. Bafflingly, they continue going to Brother John’s sermons, though as the days slip by, Abigail increasingly comes to question the reality of what her parents have dragged her into.

Although it is about family and faith gone sideways, No Parking is still very similar in tone to the summertime read its cover first seems to suggest. It’s a story with a good, easy flow and a relaxed writing voice. Abigail’s family manages to have incongruously fun family moments, though these moments all end up being tinged with a gentle sadness. But somehow, despite the tension the premise suggests, the story stays strangely languid. There is not enough intensity to make scenes like the daily religious fervour of Brother John’s church resonate—not enough of a sense of despair to explain why Abigail’s parents continue to follow a clearly misguided man.

This is not to say that No Parking does not have its merits. It is a sensitive story of a girl trying to figure out how to fit into her own skin, outside the good daughter mold that her parents are comfortable with. It is also an interesting portrayal of a family in flux, and Abigail’s relationships with her twin brother, her affable but fanatical father, and her mother shift and stretch. And refreshingly, Abigail’s is truly a story of self-discovery, rather than one where a love affair magically arises to solve everything (and incidentally also leads to world peace). Neither is the novel a blind repudiation of faith—though maybe the details of this last observation are best left to the reader to find out.

Review a Book and Get a Free Book

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CSX_6897 GHP BranchReading a book that you love! Want to share it with other Toronto teens? Send us a review of the book and, as long as you can get to a Toronto Public Library branch, we'll send you a free book, no questions asked. Well... wait a minute... I will have to ask you what Toronto library you live close to, so I can send you the free book, but no other questions... okay, wait, I'm gonna want to know how old you are and what your first name is... but other than that, I swear, no questions ;)

We're looking for all sorts of reviews. Fun, informal, studious, flamboyant, ranty, experimental, silly, serious, sappy, heartwarming, snooty, angry, disappointed... if you enjoy creating it, we want to post it up here so that other Toronto teens can enjoy reading it.

Send your review to me, Ken Sparling,

If you have questions, email or phone me 416-397-5970

No hurry, we'll keep doing this until we run out of books to give away!

Need some inspiration? Check out reviews by other Toronto teens.


Vote for your favourite book -- Teen Choice Book Award!

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Voice your choice! Voting for @CBCBook’s Teen Choice Book Awards is open through May 3.

Click on a cover to place a hold on one of the finalists!

  When i was the greatest cover The truth about alice cover The strange and the beautiful sorrows of ava lavender cover Half Bad cover The freedom summer murders cover

I am malala cover Cress cover The one cover City of heavenly fire cover We were liars cover

Vote for your favourite below! Or go here to vote.


Music Video Mondays - Derek Miller

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Derek Miller is an aboriginal singer/songwriter from Grand River. He has been awarded two Juno awards for his work and was one of the performers for the closing ceremonies for the Vancouver Olympics. He has released 3 albums thus far in his career and one live DVD. His first video is "Devil come down Sunday":

His next video is for his song "Girls" (which was shot in Toronto during Pride):


And his final video for this post is "Stoned for Days":


Five Frames From . . . April 18th edition

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What movie are these images from?






All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.


Celebrity Instagram Photos of the Week

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This week's celebrity Instagram posts are in honour of Coachella.  Drake, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Fergie, Bella Thorne and Kylie Jenner were among many celebrities that flocked to Palm Springs last weekend for the musical festival.  

@champagnepapi    @katyperry

@justinbieber    @fergie     

@bellathorne  @kyliejenner


Poetry Saved Our Lives Finals!

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Ladies and gentlemen, the moment of truth has finally arrived.

Last year, the Toronto Public Library asked youth in eight library branches to write, perform and evoke parts of Toronto that resonate with them.

Under the guidance of dedicated coaches, these young spoken word artists are finally ready to hit the big stage. 

Here is your chance to see these young emerging artists and experience the power of their words. The winning emerging young poets will be selected to perform at the Pan Am Poetry Slam in May.

Spoken Word legend Ian Keteku will also be giving a workshop from 4-5:30 so come check it out!

Saturday April 18, 2015 

North York Central Library

4-5:30pm Ian Keteku Workshop

6-9pm Poetry Saved Our Lives Finals

Music Video Mondays - Ivy

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The band Ivy is sort of a musician's musician band. The band is made up of Adam Schlesinger, (Fountains of Wayne) Andy Chase (Brookville and a music producer), and singer Dominique Durand. The three musicians all have varied musical backgrounds and approaches to music creation. I think the band's personal slogan says it best: "Pop music without the bitter aftertaste". The first video we will feature is their most recent "Lost in the Sun"

Next is their cover of the Cure song "Let's Go to Bed" from their criminally underrated covers album Guestroom:


And the final song/video is from their album Long Distance and it is the adorable and animated "Thinking About You":

Five Frames From . . . April 11th edition

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What movie are these images from?






All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

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