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Teen Review: The Vegetarian Myth

August 28, 2016 | Alice | Comments (0)

51w3alQAXmLReview by Snehan

Do you eat food? Are you concerned about the environmental state of our planet? Do you want to be your best by striving for perfect health? What are you doing about it? Most of us are clueless about two of the most  important issues we face; the health of ourselves and the health of our planet.

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Weekly Program Roundup August 29 - September 3

August 28, 2016 | stephen | Comments (0)

Time to spice up our last week of summer programming with some music and dancing! Check out what's on this week at the library:


Zumba for Teens

Tuesday August 30, 2016 | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: Malvern

Funky Latin rhythms mixed with easy to follow moves create a dynamic dance program that will blow you away. Teens will learn the basics of zumba in this introductory class. Drop-in. Ages 13-19.

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Teen Review: Death Note

August 28, 2016 | Alice | Comments (0)

Cover of death noteReview by Yasir, age 15

Death Note, written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, is an action, mystery manga (in which many people die so I advise that don’t read it unless you are 14 or above). The word death note is based on the note book in which if a person name is written he/she will die. A shinigami (god of death) named Ruyk “accidently” dropped his death note on the earth realm and according to the few rule if a death note touches the earth it will be a part of the earth realm forever until the owner of the death note is dead (the person that touches the death note is the owner) or he/she forfeits the ownership of the death note.

The notebook was found by a student called Light Yagami.

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Teen Review: The Darkest Minds

August 27, 2016 | Alice | Comments (0)

The Darkest MindsReview by Jamia, age 12

The Darkest Minds, by Alexandra Bracken, is a book about a disease roaming around in the United States causing death rates to increase alarmingly. Children in the United States are getting powers because of this disease. The story is about a girl by the name of Ruby Daly going on an adventure and understanding her powers on the way.

I feel that the Darkest Minds is a great book for anyone who loves a good dystopian and/or loves X-men. This book is quite long but you'll enjoy every chapter. Good thing this book is in a series, because it made me want tor read more about Ruby and the hardships she has to go through. The Darkest Minds is a unique book that I'm sure many will love.

Teen Review: The Mystery Boxes

August 27, 2016 | Alice | Comments (0)

Explorer-mystery-boxesReview by Syeda, age 14
'A book about mysterious boxes? YESS!' That's what I thought when I saw this book and it sure didn't disappoint me. This is a graphic novel that's made up of 7 different stories with the same main concept; mysterious boxes. Each one is a different story with its own illustration style and genre. I love how the book is based on giving different artist-authors the same main concept, and letting them create whatever the want out of it.

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Teen Review: I'm Salty

August 26, 2016 | Alice | Comments (0)

Salt to the SeaReview by Faith, age 17

"Guilt is a hunter. Fate is a hunter. Shame is a hunter. Fear is a hunter."

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys is one of those books that coerces this Faith into delivering one of those rare and (somewhat) thoughtfully serious reviews. This is the sort of paradoxical book that is a timeless historical work of fiction.

Grief. If you do not feel grief post-reading this book, then perhaps you’re not completely sane. Possibly for the first time, I am feeling appropriately salty. Evidently, reading this book will make you upset… but it's in a good way?

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Teen Review: The Hunger Games

August 26, 2016 | Alice | Comments (0)

Hunger GamesCoverReview by Mishaal, age 13

The Hunger Games has been very famous among teens lately, everybody kept recommending it to me, so I finally decided to check it out. Believe it or not, this book (along with the others in the trilogy) are now right at the top of my list of favorites! Suzanne Collins (the author) wrote this story with the perfect blend of thrilling action, mystery, adventure, suspense and even a little bit of romance! The story unfolds in the country of Panem, which stands where a place called "North America"  used to be. Every year, the wealthy and powerful Capitol of Panem holds the "Hunger Games" to remind the rest of the twelve poor and struggling districts of Panem, that they are indeed, under the complete power of the Capitol.
What are the Hunger games, you ask?

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Teen Review: Between the Assassinations

August 26, 2016 | Alice | Comments (0)

Between the assassinationsReview by Farees, age 19

Between The Assassinations (a collection of short stories) by Aravind Adiga is something excruciatingly short of a masterpiece. The book was crisp, a very well written satire with sarcasm that’s so funny yet dark, it makes one feel guilty for finding it amusing. 

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Things To Do When You're Bored

August 26, 2016 | Youth Advisory Group | Comments (0)

By: Arianne, Leah and Nicole Maria A. Shchuka Youth Advisory Group Members

Summer is almost over but if you are bored here is a list of what to do:

Read a book

Go to the library

Download ebooks

Sign up for activities at the library


Do chores

Join a sports team





Go to festivals

Go to Amusement parks


Teen Review: Finding Audrey

August 25, 2016 | Alice | Comments (0)

Finding-Audrey-Cover-JpegReview by Fariha F.

Most people underestimate eyes. They're infinite. You look someone straight in the eye and your whole soul can be sucked out in a nanosecond. Other people's eyes are limitless and that's what scares me.

Let me just start the review by saying that this book is hilarious. Truly. It had me smiling and laughing on every other page and just being generally happy. After reading a whole lot of Fantasy for the last month, the humorous contemporary is a much-appreciated break from gore, monsters and killing. (Though I do miss magical powers a little bit)

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