The In-Between Days of Teva Harrison

November 11, 2016 | Carolyn

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In-Between Days by Teva Harrison, available as a book and an eBook


I've just finished reading Teva Harrison's memoir In-Between Days, and I understand now why it has been so widely praised. Her book is often sad, sometimes funny and always honest. It's a window into the world of someone living with a life-threatening disease, in the space between wellness and illness, between hope and fear, between joy and despair.

Teva Harrison is a Toronto artist and writer. She was 37 when she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. In the early days of her illness she started drawing: "I tried to channel the way I felt: the fear, pain, and shame, the search for joy and meaning. The emotions of living with cancer are complicated. I was drawing because I had to draw. Often, it was all that made me feel better." She shared her comics on-line and the project grew into In-Between Days.

You can meet Teva Harrison and hear her story at the North York Central Library on Tuesday November 15. This event is part of the eh List Author Series, which brings award-winning Canadian authors to Toronto Public Library branches. Her talk will be followed by a book signing.

Here are the event details:

Date: Tuesday, November 15

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: Auditorium, North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge Street


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