Events That Reign Supreme

August 31, 2015 | Ann

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Today marks the end of August. The CNE season is nearing its end of another successful run. As seasons go, the hot and heavy humidity along with the gloriously warm sunshine will eventually be replaced by shorter days, cooler temperatures, and bright yellow and red hues of autumn. As the weather transitions, three upcoming events are worth anticipating.

Canadian Opera Company Talk: La Traviata

August 28, 2015 | Muriel

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Canadian Opera Company Talk: Looking for Love in Verdi's La Traviata Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. North York Central Library Auditorium A high-class Parisian courtesan, her lover and his father run the gamut from love at first sight to tragic loss in the world's most popular opera. Join...

Free Science Events in Toronto for September 2015

August 27, 2015 | Jeannette

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The Science and Technology Department of North York Central Library compiles a monthly calendar of free science and applied science events in Toronto. Applied science includes health, gardening, pets and food; all subjects found in the department's collection. Here is the September calendar (PDF). September's highlights include: September 4-7: Hot...

Who Cares If It Rains?

August 21, 2015 | Jane

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Sometimes, it is just what you pay attention to. Ever wondered, for example, how people saw the constellations – shapes of bears, hunters, scorpions, while we see undifferentiated masses of stars? That is if we’re lucky enough, here in the well-lighted city, to see the stars at all? photo credit:...

Volunteering Benefits

August 17, 2015 | Emoke

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Have you ever wanted to volunteer for a cause you believe in, but your other time commitments, such as school, work, family, etc. got in the way? I'm sure we have all felt this way in our busy adult lives. I started my volunteer work after finishing my studies. With...

The Physicist, the Billionaire and the Biggest Question

August 14, 2015 | Maureen

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Is there life beyond earth? Physicist Stephen Hawking believes there is no greater question. Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner have forged an alliance of brains and bucks to search for extraterrestrial life. Milner is giving $100 million to fund the search for creatures from outer space. The Breakthrough Initiatives...

Supertaster or Eating Disorder?

August 7, 2015 | Jeannette

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I wrote a blog post two years ago about my daughter being a picky eater. She is now three and a half and she is still a picky eater. Luckily, she has expanded her food preferences a little to include some leafy green vegetables and tofu. But it still has...