How Toxic Are Your Cosmetics?

November 29, 2013 | Jeannette

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I recently came across an article from the David Suzuki Foundation about the toxins in some of our cosmetic products. Some of these toxic ingredients are industrial chemicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins and hormone disruptors. Keep in mind that cosmetics not only affect women. Although we often associate cosmetics...

Toronto's Astronomical Heritage

November 28, 2013 | Carolyn

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On Wednesday December 4, University of Toronto Professor Emeritus Dr. John Percy will give a public lecture at the North York Central Library. His topic: Toronto's Astronomical Heritage. This is the last talk in TPL's fall 2013 Thought Exchange series Science in History, presented in partnership with University of Toronto...

On this day in history . . .

November 25, 2013 | Ann

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For most people, this moment in time is not particularly special unless someone is celebrating a birthday or an anniversary. For our American neighbours, November 25th is three days before Thanksgiving Day and four days before Black Friday. Americans anticipate a week filled with good food, better company, and the...

Free Science Events in Toronto for December 2013

November 23, 2013 | Jeannette

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The Science and Technology Department of North York Central Library compiles a monthly calendar of free science and applied science events in Toronto. Applied science includes health, gardening, pets and food; all subjects found in the department's collection. Here is the December calendar. December's highlights include: December 3: Extreme Environments,...

Comet ISON

November 23, 2013 | Carolyn

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By NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team ( [Public domain] Composite image of Comet ISON taken from the Hubble Space Telescope in April 2013 The astronomy world has been following the progress of Comet ISON for the past few months. First spotted over a year ago at the outer...

20th Century Classical Music Talk at NYCL with Rick Phillips

November 21, 2013 | Muriel

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20th Century Classical Music Talk Thursday, December 12 at 7:00 p.m. North York Central Library Auditorium Please call 416-395-5639 to register. The music of the 20th century and today may seem challenging at first. Join classical music expert Rick Phillips as he explains the fascinating world of 20th century classical...

November is the cruellest month

November 15, 2013 | Carolyn

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With apologies to T.S. Eliot, my vote for the cruellest month would have to go to November. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. The trees have lost their leaves, but we haven't yet had a good fall of snow to brighten the landscape. There isn't...

Happy Financial Literacy Month! Are you a good financial role model?

November 13, 2013 | Ashley

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Did you know that November is officially Financial Literacy Month in Canada? You may not know because it is a fairly new initiative, this is Canada's 3rd annual Financial Literacy Month. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and the Financial Literacy Action Group (FLAG) (which is 7 non profit...

Alice Munro: master of the contemporary short story

November 8, 2013 | Maureen

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I was delighted to learn that Canadian Alice Munro, “master of the contemporary short story,” won the 2013 Nobel Prize for literature. Short fiction has long been obscured by the imposing shadow of the novel. I’ve met people who say they won't read short stories – they will only read...

We shall not sleep. Though poppies grow in Flanders Fields.

November 4, 2013 | Ann

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John McCrae, a native of Guelph, Ontario and surgeon of the 1st Brigade, wrote other poems in his life. He is best remembered for the passage he wrote while gazing over grave-filled ravines curtained in red poppies and over the constant roar of cannon and artillery fire in the distance....