November 25th is Buy Nothing Day (BND)!

November 7, 2011 | Ann

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Jeff Reliant states how this all began in his article, "A Talk with Ted Dave, Creator of BUY NOTHING DAY," in the November 1999 issue of The Drippy Gazette,

The first Buy Nothing Day was held on September 24, 1992, a realization of the vision of Vancouver artist Ted Dave, brought into being with the help of world-famous Adbusters magazine and, oddly enough, the Georgia Straight. As well as a few posters, letters and faxes. The idea was to stage a day-long boycott of everything, of the monetary system itself. Buy Nothing Day is officially defined, at least on the t-shirt, as “a 24-hour moratorium on consumer spending, designed to remind both the consumer and the retailer of the true power of the buying public. It is an exercise in financial self-control. It is reclamation of consumer control of the marketplace. It is a gesture of protest for those of us who feel, all too often, as if out lives and dreams have been marketed back to us.

Participate by not participating.

Ted Dave has designated that in the first week of holiday shopping, every last Friday in November is Buy Nothing Day.  The campaign became so successful that in 1996, the Adbusters magazine released this ad for the upcoming November 26th BND:


In an interview with Jon Azpiri on November 5, 2005 for the journal Shared Vision, Azipiri listed a few alternative ways people around the world have promoted BND in unusually creative ways:

 Some groups in the U.S. dress up in sheep costumes and become “blind consumer sheep.” Others set up credit-card cut-up booths, encouraging people to dispense with their credit cards. In Japan, Zen-ta Claus, a giftless version of Santa, meditates in shopping malls.

This Year Rise Above It
Dave is shocked at how his creation has evolved. “I have friends who travel to Europe and bring me back things like some weather-beaten Buy Nothing Day poster from the Netherlands,” he says. “It’s a bit surreal but it’s always thrilling. The art this event has generated is wonderful. “

  (For all the interviews with Ted Dave, please click Ted Dave's website link here).

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In additon, please come visit the North York Central Library's Society and Recreation Department to borrow some "free" BND-themed books:

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Have a great November 25th no matter how you spend it!