Canadian Citizenship: how long does it take?...

December 20, 2010 | Maciek

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Some good news to begin with: the average time required to complete the process of becoming a citizen (from the beginning to the end), as indicated on the CIC website, is 15 to 19 months, but most people I talk to say it took them a year or so.

So, you mailed your application. What next?... well, you are going to need to exercise your virtue of patience :-) After about six months you will receive an acknowledgement letter from CIC, but it doesn't mean the application is accepted. The CIC will keep reviewing your file and you might still be asked for additional documents or information (after you receive the acknowledgement letter, you can also track your application online). If your documents and application are successfully reviewed and accepted, you will receive a notice to come to the nearest CIC office to write the citizenship test.

What is a citizenship test and how can you prepare for it?... Find out in our next post! Stay tuned :-)