Spotlight on Sloths

March 7, 2017 | Jennifer

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  An image from the book "Sparky!" where a librarian lends a book on sloths to a young girl.

Sloths are having their moment in the sun. In the past, penguins and their fluffy chicks graced the covers of countless picture books. In the last few years, the sloths have taken over. Sure, it’s been a rather slow takeover, but we prefer to call it "leisurely" or "relaxed." It's easy to see a sloth's appeal in our busy age of multitasking and speed. Sloths wear a permanent grin on their adorable faces and really do seem to live the good life:  eat, sleep, and take it slow.

Here are titles, new and old, to mark the rise of the sloth. Wait, were you expecting to see pictures of sloths basking in the Costa Rican sunshine? I’m sorry…but not sorry. These might still warm you.

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You'll notice that pop culture is entwined with Children’s literature. The painfully drawn out sloth scene in "Zootopia" was featured in the trailer for the film. TV shows like Animal Planet’s "Meet the Sloths" or guest appearances on "Ellen" and "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" have put these hairy heartbreakers in the spotlight.

Flash the sloth working at the DMV in the Zootopia trailer.
Flash the sloth working at the DMV in the Zootopia trailer.

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With the rise of sloths in books and media, do you expect to hear more children professing that the sloth is their absolute favourite animal?

Sloth hanging from a swing.
Photo Credit: thornet_ on a CC License