Let the healing begin - bouncing back from a bad interview

July 17, 2012 | Teresa

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Interview success pic 2We've all had them - the interview that you came out of that you were sure you bombed.  Sometimes your perception of how you did doesn't match up with how you really did.  But sometimes you just KNOW that you didn't perform well under pressure.

Luckily, there are many suggestions out there on how to regain your confidence and learn from your bad experience, which ultimately will give you a better interview the next time. 

In her post "7 things you can do after a really bad job interview", Forbes staffer Jacquelyn Smith shares some thoughts about recovery and healing after.  A few things that the experts suggest include:

  • Reflect on the experience - analyze if you can, what actually you did well and what you would do over.
  • Learn from it - make a list of the mistakes and try not to make them again.
  • Forgive yourself and move forward.  We all make mistakes.
  • Write a follow up note, not to apologize, but to explain if there were any extenuating circumstances that distracted you or to add any additional relevant information that perhaps you didn't mention in the interview.

Every interview, you learn something about yourself and about how you perform under pressure.  You will come up with better ways to answer standard questions and eventually you will be successful.

Of course practice and preparation make perfect.  Why not have a look at some of the new books on interviewing that many TPL branches have:

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Good luck - the next interview will be better!!