The 10 Fastest Growing Industries in Canada

November 18, 2011 | Elle

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Not to be the bearer of only bad news, I decided to check out the 10 fastest growing industries of the future. According to IBISWorld, here are the exciting finds:

VOIP: The industry is growing phenomenally, especially with the advent of 4G. Some sample jobs are engineer, software developer, systems analyst, telephony architect, and installation technicians.

Wind Power: The demand for wind power generation (already in full force in countries like Germany and The Netherlands) will increase in the next five years.

E-Commerce & Online Auctions: Consumers are now much more comfortable buying things online. Booming jobs: buyer, sales, web developer, marketing, application architect, solution architect.

Environmental Consulting: Still new; but, growing because more and more companies want to reduce their carbon footprints by adopting environmentally friendly practices. Sample jobs: engineer, biologist, wetland scientist, aquatic scientist, geologist, hydrogeologist, geophysical technician, compliance analyst, research climatologist.

Biotechnology: Since we'd like to live, the demand for new medicines and treatments will spur growth in the biotechnology industry.

Video Games: Gaming is big business - remember the lineups for the release of Call of Duty Black Ops, which sold seven million copies in the first 24 hours of its release. Canada is a red hot market for video game design. More than 14,000 people are directly employed at more than 240 video game firms across the country. The world's two largest game development studios are in Montreal and Vancouver. The number of users are slated to increase, especially as technology grows. Sample jobs: designer, programmer, software developer, animator, audio engineer, writer, tech support, tester, market research analyst, and dimensional model artist.

Solar Power: The technology is still expensive but should drop in price much like other technology (I'm thinking Blu-Rays, etc.) Sample jobs: solar design engineer, electrical engineer, chemical engineer, electrician, installer, environmental biologist.

Correctional Facilities: Because people will always commit crimes. 'Nuf said. Sample jobs: correctional officer, correctional healthcare specialist, nurse, psychologist.

Internet Publishing and Broadcasting: Web publishing of every possible form is soaring. Many tv programs and movies are being streamed online. Sample jobs: writer, editor, videographer, product manager, webmaster, graphic designer, web marketing manager, multimedia journalist.

Third-Party Administrators & Insurance Claims Adjusters: IBISWorld says that insurance policy volumes will rise, particularly within the business-oriented sector, spurring the need for claims adjustment services. There will also be a rise in advisory and risk management services as businesses, insurers and individuals use these services to mitigate risks and hedge liabilities. Sample jobs: catastrophe modeling analyst, health and benefits consultant, researcher, actuary consultant, claim analysis specialist.

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