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August 2011

Are there special resumes for ME? I'm looking for a job as a ...

August 30, 2011 | Linda | Comments (0)

Real Estate Now I know what career I want, but how do I get the job? Are there special resumes for ME? I'm looking for a job... as a teacher, an actor, an engineer, in the medical field, in real estate, in sports, in computers, in graphic design...

There are lots of books, websites, and DVDs available, giving good advice and examples of how to write your resume. They suggest tailoring the resume to the job you want--which is not always easy to do. How much simpler to find a book of resumes already focused on the career you are looking for. What about people re-entering the job market, those without a four-year degree, or those following a "different" career path?

Here are some examples you can look at. Then you can search the Toronto Public Library website and drop in at the Careers collection at the North York Central Library and see if we have something tailored for YOU!


Health Medical


And while you're at it, here are four more titles you can check out: Expert Resumes for People Returning to Work, Resumes for Re-entering the Job Market, Gallery of Best Resumes for People Without a Four-year Degree, Resumes for the Rest of Us: Secrets from the Pros for Job Seekers with Unconventional Career Paths.

Returning to work Unconvential career



Emerging Careers for the 21st Century

August 27, 2011 | Elle | Comments (1)

By: Jane

What are the jobs going to be in the next 5 years?

The Counselling Centre at the University of Calgary has some suggestions:

Emerging Careers for the 21st Century

•    Space City Designer
•    Data Recovery Consultant
•    Aquaculturist
•    Vice-President Protocol
•    Bionic Electron Consultant
•    Cloning Expert
•    Personal Nutritionist for Busy Executives
•    Virtual Vacation Broker
•    Fusion Engineer
•    Legal Consultant on One-World Trade Agreement
•    Horticultural Therapist
•    Online Astrologer    •    Gene Replacement Specialist
•    Personal Efficiency Advisor
•    Cultural Protection Advisor
•    Materials Utilization Specialist for Resorts
•    Euthanasia Ethics Advisor
•    Forensic Entomologist
•    Robot Technician
•    e-Commerce Business Consultant
•    Multi-Generational Relationship Counsellor
•    Computational Linguist
•    Underwater Archaeologist
•    Credential/Training Advisor

 You should also be comfortable with hi-tech, speak another language plus English, and be a good communicator. Summertime in Toronto invites practicing your skills on the outdoor patios:  all in the name of furthering your career!

Check out the University of Calgary's Counselling Centre, as well as Ontario Job Futures' websites as well as our online database, Career Cruising.

And don't forget the books!

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WANTED Interns! Is it worth the experience without getting paid?

August 17, 2011 | Ashley | Comments (6)


After graduating from university many students consider doing an internship before working in order to gain experience. It is a great idea since every employer requires experience before you begin the job, but many graduates ask them self – how can I have experience if I've been in school for the past few years? So internships do provide a great opportunity to gain experience especially if your field is competitive. Employers like to see when graduates have taken the initiative to dedicate time to gain experience in the field outside of the classroom – it is also an excellent thing to add to your resume. There are many opportunities to do internships for many fields in Toronto, all over Canada and internationally too. Actually according to a July article from the Globe and Mail's Life section, Canada and the USA are going through an “intern boom”.

The only this about internships is that they are usually unpaid, and if they are paid – it may be minimal. For students who have recently graduated this may not be ideal. Ross Perlin's new book Intern Nation: How to Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave new Economy provides a critical analysis of unpaid internships. He explores the meaning of the word intern and discloses how many companies actually save a lot of money by hiring interns and may glamorize positions. He also discusses how in some parts of the world they are actually trying enforce legislation to protect interns.

InternnationThere is no double that internships do provide an excellent experience, allow you to network, build contacts and are a great thing to add to your resume. However, it is important to make sure your experience is truly going to be advantageous to you and isn't exploiting you. Make sure you do enough research on the company you would like to intern at. Also, if you are still in university consider doing internships between semesters - your university should be able to provide you with internship postings. Below are some books and websites which may help:

Vaultintern Internfiles

Some internship websites:

Federal Public Sector Youth Internship Program

Career Bridge: Internships for Internationally Qualified Professionals

Natural Resources Canada: Science & Technology Internship Program

Good Work Canada: Green Internships

CIDA'S International Youth Internship Program (IYIP)


Good luck!

Do You Want to Make a Career Change?

August 12, 2011 | Elle | Comments (1)

By: Jean

Are you unhappy with your current work situation? Or were you laid off during
the recent economic downturn? Perhaps you have been raising your family and
want to re-enter the workforce after a few years at home. Or perhaps you would just like to
find a better paying job.

It is estimated that people will change careers several times during their working
lives. As the population ages, and there are less younger workers available, the number
of years people can expect to work is increasing. We may well be contemplating a career
change in our 60's or 70's!

Making a career change can be scary, especially if you are over 40. Luckily, there are many
good resources to help you through the transition. The Toronto Public Library has books on

  • assessing your interests, values and skills
  • identifying and researching new careers
  • how to develop new skills
  • researching the hidden job market
  • creating targeted resumes
  • mastering the interview process
  • developing internet and computer proficiencies

Have a look at these books!

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Also, check out these websites:

Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Service Canada
Job Bank
Working In Canada
How To Find a Job

Come September -- Time to Start Your Job Search

August 2, 2011 | Linda | Comments (2)

It is still summer and many are enjoying the sunny weather, days at the beach, vacation, or earning some extra money at summer jobs. New graduates may have taken the summer off for a last fling before looking for permanent full-time jobs.

Well, summer is almost half-over and September is just around the corner--only a month away. It's about that time--time to start putting your job search plans into action, researching potential employers, writing resumes and cover letters, creating portfolios, checking out job fairs-- or planning your gap year.

Why not check out the library's Find Your Way to Job & Career Help and click on Job Searching and Market Yourself? You will find suggested books and programs as well as links to helpful online tools and suggested websites, such as Job Search @ Your Fingertips, Cold calling, and Scott's Business Directories Online.

You might also want to check out some of the upcoming job fairs in the Toronto area:

Canada Job Expo
Along with exploring employment opportunities, job seekers can take part in free seminars and workshops. Free admission, no registration required.
• Tuesday August 30th, 10am - 3pm
• North York Civic Centre, 5100 Yonge Street, Toronto
• Visit for more info.

The National Job Fair & Training Expo
General admission is $3.95 for this large semiannual event.
• Tuesday September 27 & Wednesday September 28, 10am-7pm
• Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, Hall A
• Learn more about the National Job Fair & Training Expo. --

Hire Canada Job/Career Fair & Training Expo
On site recruiters, free resume critiquing, career specialists and admissions staff will be available. Free admission.
• Wednesday September 14th, 11am - 4pm
• Mississauga Convention Centre, 75 Derry Road West, Mississauga
• Visit for more information.
 Bilingual Job Fair
Jobs in administration, customer service, and collection for French-speaking candidates.
• Wednesday September 14th
• Fairmont Royal York, 100 Front Street West, Toronto (in front of Union Station)
• Visit for more information.

Knock cover let    

Knock resumes 

Portfolio workbook 

Resume Cover 

Big trip gap years  

Midaynta 4 Day Job Search Workshop for Newcomers

August 1, 2011 | Teresa | Comments (0)

A career counsellor from Midaynta will help newcomers who are Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees or Live-In Caregivers with developing a professional resume, cover letters, job interview techniques, how to market your skills effectively, Canadian labour market information, networking/hidden job market, understanding work place culture, and other job search tools.

When: August 8,9,10,11 2011

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Where: North York Central Library, Room 2/3

Register by phoning 416-395-5613.

The Career and Job Search Help blog is a place where Librarians share and discuss great resources, upcoming programs, related Library services and the Toronto career development and small business scene. Enjoy, and thanks for talking to us!