Toronto 3D Printers MeetUp - Recap

April 3, 2014 | Greg Astill

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Just a quick note about the event that happened this past Monday evening.  As part of the Innovator in Residence programs, the library was host to the very cool “Toronto 3D Printers MeetUp”.  It was an amazing opportunity to see some of the coolest 3D printers in the city. 

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A handful of 3D printers we’re on display at the Toronto Reference Library for all to see.  3D printer enthusiasts, father and son teams and more all had and their creations on display for us to see.  The cool thing about the evening was seeing how all these printers were customized to print faster, larger, have a heated bed for peeling off easier and print in more than one colour. 


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The general sense from the community is that anyone with a 3D printer can easily get bored, so customizing the printer to fit a specific need is almost a rite of passage.  It really makes you understand the technology and bit better and allows the printer to be the exact fit for you.

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It was a fun time to be had and a great way to ask questions, especially if you’re thinking of building your own or customizing an already existing one that you might have.  All sorts of people came down, from 3D printer rookies to some who might have dabbled a few times and had a question or two for experts.

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Derek Quenneville, Toronto Public Library’s Innovator in Residence organizes the event once a month, and if you missed out, remember to come back on April 28th from 6:30 – 8:30.  Next month’s MeetUp will be back at the Toronto Reference Library in the browsery section on the main floor.

The event is always different, but you should always expect to see a few new 3D printers and some unique prints and it’s always scheduled for the last Monday of the month. 

For more information, including dates and how to get involved please go to:

Thanks, and hope to see you at the next one.