Drone Mount 3D Replacement

April 3, 2014 | Greg Astill

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I just wanted to showcase exactly why a 3D Printer is great to have around and/or have access to.  From time to time, you might say to yourself, I wish I can replace this or that around the house.

Finished Project

Well that’s exactly what we used it for this past week.  We have a drone that we’re using for some staff projects and in the process of learning how to fly it, we accidentally clipped a piece and broke it off. 

Broken Piece

Instead of ordering a part that would cost hundreds of dollars, James along with Derek, our Innovator in Residence started to reconstruct the object using OpenSCAD.

Screen capture of OpenSCAD during the rebuild.

Some failed attempts, close but not quite right.

After a few attempts and some trial and error with the numbers, James was able to get an exact replica of what we needed, and one that appears to be a lot stronger than the original.

Finished item getting mounted.

Back to 100%.

Start to experiment or come in to some of Derek’s remaining drop-in’s and get that project you want finished off the ground.

Have fun!!