About the New Online Account

The new online account is now the default version you see when you use the "Account" link on the TPL website.

Why is there a new account?

We developed the new account for several reasons:

  • Over 36% of all website visits now come from mobile devices, and that number continues to climb. The old account was difficult to use on a small screen.
  • We are able to add features to the new account, including frequently-requested options like saved lists and borrowing history (coming soon).
The software for the old account application is out of date and no longer supported. It cannot be updated. Updating software is important for security.

Known issues

We actively work on the new account and will be improving the experience, adding features and resolving outstanding problems.

Some known issues we're currently working on:

  • We have had intermittent problems with signing in, account access, and placing holds. Current status: OK
  • Some web browsers (Firefox Fixed, Safari) do not autofill your library card number on the Sign In page.
  • If you have magazines checked out, you may find that renewing them takes a very long time and/or results in an error message. The renewals should work in spite of the delay/errors, but we're developing a fix for this. Fixed.
  • If you have suspended a hold, the suspension dates don't disappear once the hold becomes active again.
  • In Internet Explorer, the formatting isn't right when you print your account information - everything prints much too small. You can try printing in a different browser until we get this fixed.  Fixed.
  • The account layout on tablets needs improving; we're going to work on this.

Old account

The old account will continue to be available. You can access the old account from the top of the new account screen or by going directly to www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/oldaccount.

Help and feedback

If you need help or have comments or questions about the new account, please email us: