'Great Courses' Lectures Now Available on OneClickdigital Audiobooks

January 26, 2016 | Kelli

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Do you enjoy attending lectures, but do not have the time or money to go back to school? The Great Courses are for you! The Great Courses is a lecture series by award-winning experts and professors who are from respected institutions and are selected for their ability to teach. It's the best of university - interesting and comprehensive lectures on fascinating topics, but without all the annoying homework and stressful examinations.

The Great Courses have been available in video format for over 25 years. They are now available through our OneClickdigital audiobook collection. These audiobooks can be checked out for 21 days and downloaded or streamed on a computer, smartphone or tablet. If you are new to OneClickdigital, have a look at the library's Oneclickdigital User Guide or the help section of the OneClickdigital website.

Check the library's catalogue see the wide range of courses. Here are just a few:

Great minds of the western intellectual tradition Higgs Boson and Beyond Influence Practicing Mindfulness Rise and Fall of the British Empire

Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition (3rd edition) taught by multiple professors
Crucial questions about our existence have been pondered by thoughtful men and women since civilization began. This course is a comprehensive survey of the history of Western philosophy from its origins in classical Greece to the present.


The Higgs Boson and Beyond by Sean Carroll, California Institute of Technology
The search and discovery of the Higgs boson was a triumph of modern physics and was justly celebrated around the world. In this lecture series, Professor Carroll will teach you everything you need to know to fully grasp the significance of this scientific discovery.


Influence: Mastering Life's Most Powerful Skill by Kenneth G. Brown of the University of Iowa
With scientific and sociological experiments, case studies from fields including business and politics, and practical exercises to test your skills, this course will show you how to harness the power of influence at home, at work, at the store, in your social life, and anywhere else you may need it.


Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation by Mark M. Muesse of Rhodes College
In addition to the principles and techniques of meditation, you will learn how to use the skills of meditation to work with thoughts and emotional states and to become deeply attentive to the operation of your mind.


The Rise and Fall of the British Empire by Patrick Allitt of Emory University
Covering four centuries of British power, innovation and influence, the course will provide fresh insights into world history and provide the background of current events in countries that were once part of Britain's empire, from Ireland to China, and in Africa and the Caribbean.


The Great Courses to DVD

Of course, the Toronto Public Library still carries the  The Great Courses to DVD. These DVD sets are checked out for three weeks. As with the audiobooks, the full list of The Great Courses DVD sets are available through our catalogue.  

Here are just a few of the most recent lectures available to borrow with your Toronto Public Library card:

Fundamentals of sustainable living Living History Experiencing the Great Events of the Ancient and Medieval Worlds Mind-Bending Math Music and the Brain Robotics

Fundamentals of Sustainable Living by Lonnie Gamble from the Maharishi University of Management
Learn specific techniques to work more efficiently with the energy, water, and food you consume, so that you can live a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle.


Living History: Experiencing Great Events of the Ancient and Medieval Worlds by Robert Garland from Colgate University 
By examining two dozen historical events from ancient Egypt through to medieval Europe and Asia, this course investigates a variety of first-hand accounts and secondary sources to experience what it was like to live these events as they occurred. 


Mind-Bending Math: Riddles and Paradoxes by David T. Kung from St. Mary's College of Maryland
Explore the ageless riddles that have plagued our greatest philosophical, mathematical, and scientific minds throughout history. Learn how to break down, examine, and solve these famous quandaries.


Music and the Brain by Aniruddh D. Patel from Tufts University
This interdisciplinary course combines music and cognitive science to explore music as an integral part of humanity. 


Robotics by John Long from Vassar College
Using robot demonstrations, 3-D animations, and other amazing visual aids, Professor Long demystifies the world of robots. This comprehensive course covers both the hard science of how robots work as well as the implications of robots for society.

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