Snapshot of Canadians’ Mobile Device Usage

April 20, 2012 | John P.

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More and more Canadians have demonstrated a growing interest in a variety of mobile devices, including eReaders, smartphones and tablets, according to the recent Ipsos Reid Mobilology study conducted In January 2012. The Canadian people’s ownership of eReaders, smartphones, and tablets increased by 43%, 13%, and 66% respectively over the results of the previous study in August 2011. Overall Canadian ownership of these devices increased to 34% of the population for smartphones (compared to 24% in August 2011), 10% for eReaders (compared to 4% in August 2011), and 10% for tablets (compared to 3% in August 2011).

The study also showed some swings in terms of brand loyalty. In the case of smartphones, Canadian company Research in Motion’s market share for the BlackBerry dropped from 41% in January 2011 to 33% in January 2012. Apple’s iPhone moved up to 28% from 23% of market share and Google’s Android system increased to 31% from 26%. Intentions to purchase smartphones by brand changed markedly with BlackBerry declining from 58% in January 2011 to 40% in January 2012, while intentions to purchase a Samsung smartphone increased to 32% in January 2012 from 21% in January 2011. With eReaders, the Kobo moved from second place in January 2011 (27%) to clear first place in January 2012 (46%), while Amazon’s Kindle moved from third place (25%) to second place (24%) and the Sony Reader dropped from first place (28%) to third place (18%). As for tablets, Apple’s iPad continues to lead with 47% of market share in January 2012, albeit down considerably from 78% in January 2011 on account of new tablet competitors Samsung Galaxy and BlackBerry Playbook.