Promoting your book - 21st century style.

September 12, 2011 | Teresa

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The book publishing industry is in the midst of what could be called a mid-life crisis.  The publishing industry, much like the music industry, is awash in a sea of change.  Technology has driven these industries to either adapt or go under.  The book, which for years was that thing that had a spine and was made of paper, has morphed into digital bytes that can be downloaded onto computers and handheld devices. 

Never has there been more formats to choose from to read a book - audio CDs, audio-streaming, downloading to mobile devices, large print to name a few.  And the number of books being published, with the acceptance of self publishing - well - how do you know what is worth your time to read?  And if you are an author, how do you create buzz about your book, so people will buy it?

One of the newest trends for promoting books is the book trailer - which is defined as a video trailer, similar to a movie one, used to promote a book.  They can be acted out, use still photos, or animation to convey the plot of the book. 

Want to view a few trailers?  Check out some of these websites:

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Check out this collection of book trailer sites that cover everything from how to make your own book trailer to articles on the topic to assistance on where to post your trailer.

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Good luck in promoting your book!