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Why Are They Leaving? When Your Social Media Customers Sign Off For Good

February 24, 2011 | Margaret W. | Comments (3)

There is a lot of information out there about how to build your business through social media.  Building a Facebook fan base or a Twitter following is starting to feel easier to people.

But keeping those fans and followers once they've "signed on" is a whole other issue.

Why do customers break their connections to social media? 

A new study aims to answer this question. Performed by ExactTarget and CoTweet, The Social Break-Up looks at "why consumers end brand relationships, how they go about terminating these relationships, and the impact of this 'social break-up' on consumers' intent to do business with brands in the future." (from the study).  Have a look.

You may also want to read the following two articles from social media blogs, which discuss the study:

Top Reasons Why Consumers Unsubscribe Via Email, Facebook and Twitter is a blog post on Mashable which summarizes the study.

Invitation Avalances, Attention Infidelity, and the Science of the Social Breakup, from Jay Baer's Convince & Convert blog.

This third article doesn't refer to the study, but does address the topic:  How to Keep Fans and Influence People on Facebook from Kikolani, a social media blog.   

It's a very important topic for businesses that participate in social media!


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