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February 5, 2010 | Margaret W.

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MarketLine offers a collection of company, industry and country information, extending across 200+countries and every major industry vertical. This market intelligence research resource is designed to enable users to build an understanding of markets and the factors that influence their development. It offers in-depth professional research and analysis in easy-to-digest formats, including interactive reports and databases.
  • Provides current market research information such as industry profiles offering standardized market data (including size & segmentation) and competitive analysis, company profiles for over 10,000 public and private companies, plus 60 premium and 155 standard country profiles.
  • There are approximately 1,800 Canadian companies listed.
  • Includes over 2,500 market research reports on key industrial and consumer sectors across the world’s leading economies.  Includes 5 years historical and 5 year forecast market values and/or volumes.
  • Includes SWOT analyses for the most important companies in each industry sector.
  • Has live feed of relevant news, comment and analysis of current business issues, including merger and acquisition activity, product launches, and regulatory changes.

MarketLine Homepage



  • Industry Reports draw on extensive primary and secondary research, all aggregated, analyzed, crosschecked and presented in a consistent format.  They include:
    • 5 year historical and 5 year forecast market values and/or volumes
    • market segmentations
    • company and / or product market shares
    • explanatory text identifying major trends and significant growth points
    • analysis of each market's competitive landscape, including main players
    • distribution channels and regulatory issues
  • Industries – Consumer Markets Database
    This  database provides comprehensive data across global food, drinks and personal care markets.  The database is designed to offer a complete source of data to support market and business planning, marketing and research functions across consumer sectors. The database provides market size, segmentation, consumption, share and distribution channel data covering 55 countries and over 150 product categories, including five-year forecasts of market and category performance.
  • Company Profilescoverage includes the most important global companies on a number of parameters. Companies are prioritized for inclusion where they are constituents of major stock indices, MarketLine industry rankings, or are covered by the major investment banks and financial community.
    Each profile includes:
    • company overviews
    • business descriptions
    • company history
    • executive and product listings
    • locations
    • subsidiaries
    • key competitors
  • Companies – Financial Deals Database contains over 100,000 deal records, with five years of historical information supported by 3,000+ live deals of over $5 million in value tracked each month.  Each financial deal record provides:
    • Key deal facts
    • Details of companies involved
    • Deal timeframe and rationale
    • Target company financials
    • Advisor information
    • Investment firm details

    The database covers all major financial deals, regardless of industry or geography. In addition, the database will also comprehensively track lower value deals in the following industries:
    • Automotive and Logistics
    • Consumer
    • Energy
    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare
    • Retail
    • Technology


  • Country Profiles include political analysis such as election details, policies and external relations; economic analysis such as trading partners, key issues; & key macroeconomic data such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, and stock exchange performance.
  • Countries – Base Drivers Database
    Use this database to create your own reports, comparing macro-economic, socio-economic, and demographic data.
    Choose from:
    • Country Profile – compare multiple indicators and data sets for one country or geo-political grouping
    • Country Comparison – compare one indicator across multiple countries
    • Custom View – compare various indicators across various countries
    • Country Quick View – use this to gain context for other information gathered in MarketLine.  You can also find full country profiles for the top 60 economies here.
    • Currency Converter – track any 2 currencies on a annual average or year-end basis

Latest News

  • News and Comment section contains live news feed, comment and analysis.  Around 60 articles are added by MarketLine analysts daily in addition to hundreds of articles from financial and international press and other information providers.


  • Browse by category by clicking on the arrow button at the bottom of each column on the main page.
     MarketLine - Screen shot of browse feature
  • Alternately you can click on the Find Information button from the home page to browse by industry, company or country.
  • You can drill down further within that category by clicking on the hypertext links.  

  • To conduct a quick search, enter your term or terms in the Search Our Products box at the top of the home page and click on Go.
  • If searching for a particular industry type the industry followed by the word “industry”, e.g. automotive industry. Do not limit by country as not all reports are included for every country.
  • To search for a company simply type all or part of the company name in the Search Our Products box
  • Multiple terms are automatically “anded” together.  

  • Use ? for the first character of a string, e.g. ?an will retrieve pan, can or ban
  • You can use * as a posterior truncation symbol, e.g. corp* will retrieve corporate, corporation, etc.

Boolean Searching
  • Searches are automatically “anded” together
  • The term “accrue” selects documents that include at least one of the search terms you specify and rank ones that contain both more highly e.g. Ford ACCRUE Honda – references either Ford or Honda and brings those articles referencing both search terms to the top of the hit list.  It does, however, sometimes exclude items that may be of interest.

  • A typical result screen will give you an exact match where possible plus relevant company profiles, relevant industry profiles, relevant deals, and relevant news and comments.
  • To view results, click on the hyper link of the company name, industry sector, country name or title of article.
  • Results can be displayed in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
  • Industry reports are in PDF format
MarketLine - screen shot of search results list


  • From the results screen you can then refine your search to results published within the past 7 days, past 14 days, past 28 days, past year, past 2 years or past 2+ years by using the drop down menu on the left.
  • You have the option to search within the search results by typing your search term(s) in the SEARCH WITHIN RESULTS box
  • Below the SEARCH WITHIN RESULTS box, you have the option to refine by industry or refine by geography.

There are two ways to access the 3 databases.
Method 1 – from the main page, from the column to the right, under Tools and Databases
  • Assess company M&A activity takes you to the Financial Deals database
  • Understand country dynamics takes you to the Base Drivers database
  • Value consumer markets takes you to industry information in the Consumer Markets database

Method 2 – Click on the Find Information button on the main page.
Click on the database of your choice from the column on the right

Consumer Markets Database
From the Find Information screen, you will be guided through a series of screens where you can choose by clicking in check boxes beside the item. To refine your selection click on the + to the left of the industry and check off the boxes beside the relevant indicator(s)
  • First choose an industry and a date range and click on Proceed to country selection
  • Next choose a country or series of countries.  
  • Select from the drop down box from market value, market volume, company shares or distribution.  
  • Next choose from the drop down box between compare by country or compare by category
  • Click on Proceed to next screen
  • Results default to a chart, but you can create a bubble chart, stack chart, download into Excel, or save to disc.
  • Forecast results are in italics.
Sample results below show the market value by country for 1999-2011 for cat care in the US and Canada.
MarketLine - Screen shot of Consumer Markets Database search results
Financial Deals Database
Track mergers and acquisitions information on 3,000+ deals of over $5 million in value each month on a global basis
  • The default screen shows the most recent deal first
  • Type the company name in the Search Within Results box
  • The hit list will contain information regarding the headline, the target, the acquirer, the value and the status of the deal i.e. whether it is rumoured, announced or completed.
  • From here you can refine by industry or refine by geography.
  • Once inside a record you can also trace the deal history


Base Drivers Database
The Base Drivers Database contains both historical and forecast macro-economic, socio-economic and demographic data for 215 countries and 46 geo-political groupings world wide. You can search the database using five different data views.

Country Profile
Compare multiple indicators and data sets for one country or geo-political grouping. For example, compare GDP, CPI and population splits for the USA only.

Country Comparison
Compare one indicator across multiple countries and geo-political groupings. For example, compare meat consumption in Canada, Japan, China and India.

Custom View
Build your own custom data view allowing cross-comparison of various indicators across various countries in the database. For example, compare internet users as percentage of the population and television sets per 100 people in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Canada from 2000-2015.

Country Quick View
This database provides a quick reference point for geographical, historical and political data for all countries in the database. This view is designed to provide context to the database by offering a top level overview of any country or geo-political grouping. In addition, you can view full country profile reports for the top 60 global economies.  You can create reports by selecting from indicators from agriculture to trade and compare over a range of years

Currency Converter
Compare any two currencies on both an annual average basis or a year-end basis. For example, see how the Japanese Yen has tracked against the Philippines Peso

To navigate these tools:
  • From the entry screen either type in the country or geopolitical region you are interested in or click on the + signs besides the groupings, then check of the boxes beside the relevant countries or regions
  • Click on Proceed to the next step
  • Select from agricultural, commodities, environment, labour force, population or telecommunications indicators to compare
  • Click on Proceed to the next step
  • Select a year range from the drop down menus
  • Click on Finish
  • You can save the report to Word, Excel or PowerPoint formats.  In some instances you can plot results as a line chart or as a bar chart.

Printing Options
  • Click in the print preview icon in your browser to select pages to print.