Happy World Animal Day!

October 4, 2017 | Maureen

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In the spirit of World Animal Day, I offer you some animal friendly books from the worlds of cooking, philosophy, science, photography, fiction and memoir. But first, a bit of history. The first World Animal Day took place in Berlin on March 24, 1925. It was organized by Heinrich Zimmermann, a German author and animal activist. He wanted it to be on October 4, the feast day of Francis of Assisi (patron saint of animals in the Catholic Church), but the Sport Palace in Berlin, which was large enough to hold thousands of people, was not available that day. More than five thousand people attended the first World Animal Day. The cause attracted a following in just a few European countries at first, but Zimmermann's tireless efforts to gain widespread recognition of World Animal Day were rewarded in 1931, in Florence, Italy. It was there, at an international animal protection congress, that the resolution to make October 4 World Animal Day was unanimously agreed upon. This social movement has grown with each passing year. It is estimated that there are now around a thousand World Animal Day events across the globe.

There is a basic assumption behind World Animal Day that may be a new concept to some – that animals are sentient beings and therefore have a right to protection and justice. Many different groups join forces on this day to bring attention to issues of vital importance to animals, such as the living conditions of animals raised for food, the plight of working animals and conservation of endangered species. It is a day to show our appreciation, our respect, our love, for the beings we share this planet with, and to take action to make their lives better. 

Now to the books! Click on a cover image to read the summary, reviews and to reserve the book. 

Eating animals
Book  |  ebook 


  The Thrive Diet

Book | ebook


Forks over knives

Book   |  ebook

The Photo Ark

Animals Matter


Being a Beast

Book   |  eBook

Personalities on the Plate



The Happy Vegan

Book   |  ebook  | e-audiobook

The lives of animals

Book | ebook


About Canada - Animal Rights




For more books, and some thought provoking movies on the topic of our treatment of animals, see my post for World Animal Day 2016, Some We Love, Some We Eat - Our Complicated Relationships with Animals.