The Thrill of the Grill

July 19, 2017 | M. Elwood

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People enjoy eating outdoors in the summer or so they tell me. I don't venture too much further outdoors than a patio at a restaurant or coffee shop. If you are the sort to barbecue, picnic or camp, Toronto Public Library has resources for you. 

Find al fresco inspiration in these books:

The Asian Grill, by Corinne Trang Churrasco Diva Q's Barbecue, by Danielle Bennett

The Asian Grill: Great Recipes, Bold Flavors by Corinne Trang
Add an Asian element to your grill with recipes from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and India.

Churrasco: Grilling the Brazilian Way by Evandro Caregnato
Free the gaucho inside with this guide to churrasco, a Brazilian technique for grilling meat over an open fire developed by nomadic horsemen and cowhands in South America during the 18th and 19th centuries. Caregnato shares the history of the cuisine with recipes and instructions for building your own gaucho grill. Vegetarians and vegans will probably want to avoid this one.

Diva Q's Barbecue: 195 Recipes for Cooking with Family, Friends and Fire by Danielle Bennett
Diva Q (aka Danielle Bennett) is one of Canada's foremost barbecue experts. She competes and judges in competitions throughout North America and hosts BBQ Crawl on the Travel Channel. Here she shares tips and recipes for making your next barbecue great.

Grilling with salming Jerk from jamaica Salt block grilling

Grilling with Salming by Börje Salming
When legendary Toronto Maple Leaf defenceman Börje Salming retired, he spent time indulging in his other passion – grilling. In this book, he shares stories from his playing career and his favourite recipes inspired by his life in Sweden and North America.

Jerk from Jamaica: Barbecue Caribbean Style by Helen Willinsky
Spice up your life with Caribbean flavours. Everything you need for barbecuing with jerk seasoning is in this book.

Salt Block Grilling: 70 Recipes by Mark Bitterman
Make your summer barbecues tasty and trendy by using 500-year-old Himalayan pink salt blocks on your grill. Salt blocks can be used for heating, cooling and even as serveware. This book will show you how to make everything from appetizers to desserts. What more could you possibly need?

 Pizza on the grill Planet barbecue Vegan al fresco

Pizza on the Grill: 100+ Feisty Fire-Roasted Recipes for Pizza and More by Elizabeth Karmel and Bob Blumer
Make pizza on your grill with recipes in this book. Karmel and Blumer provide tips for grilling successful pizzas for anyone who wants gluten-free or meatless meals. Includes side dishes and even dessert pizza! This book might make me change my mind about cooking outdoors. 

Steven Raichlen's Planet Barbecue!: An Electrifying Journey Around the World's Barbecue Trail by Steven Raichlen
This is a great book if you're looking for something a little different for your grill. Raichlen shares recipes and techniques for cooking great food from 60 countries. Even better, Raichlen promises that everything included is easy enough for novices. 

Vegan al Fresco: Happy & Healthy Recipes for Picnics, Barbecues & Outdoor Dining by Carla Kelly
Although many of the books listed here include meat-free choices, this one is completely vegan. Kelly wants to make barbecuing more inclusive for people who may have been left out – vegans, people with food allergies. She shares recipes for salads, main courses and desserts, and ideas for eating any meal outdoors.

The weekend is almost here. Call some friends, grab a few of these books and fire up the grill. A great party is waiting for you.