Love, Passion and Candy Hearts

February 10, 2017 | M. Elwood

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Who doesn't love candy hearts? For Valentine's Day, enjoy one of these sweet reads. Young Adult Fiction: All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin • Audiobook • eAudiobook • eBook Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan • Audiobook • eAudiobook • eBook The Lipstick Laws by Amy Holder •...

Hidden Figures and Upcoming Books to Movies - Winter 2017

February 3, 2017 | Kelli

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The movie Hidden Figures is having an incredible awards season. It has already won the Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and has been nominated for many other awards, including two Golden Globe Awards and three Oscars. If you have wondered...

Best Books of 2016 Selected by Library Staff: Young Adult and Children's Literature

January 26, 2017 | Book Buzz

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Good books are good books whether they are written for adults or not. These are some of the young adult and children's books that library staff members enjoyed in 2016. Cameron: Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige • eBook Diana: My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalastier • eBook The protagonist, a...

Best Books of 2016 Selected by Library Staff: Part 5

January 25, 2017 | Book Buzz

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Then there are the staff members who can't narrow it down to just or two titles and send an entire list! Welcome to the Kelli and Jane recommendations, Part 5 in the series of staff-recommended best books of 2016. Kelli: Fiction: Homegoing by Yaa Gaasi • Audiobook • eAudiobook •...

Alternative History: The Literary Version of Alternative Facts

January 24, 2017 | M. Elwood

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Alternative history is a genre where the author speculates about how the course of history would have changed if there had been a different outcome to a historical event. These books have been winners or nominees of The Sidewise Award for Alternative History. The Cassandra Project by Jack McDevitt and...

This is the Darkest Timeline

January 20, 2017 | Andrea

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Just when you thought we've played all the hunger games, run through all the mazes and mapped all divergent paths, dystopian and apocalyptic futures are trendy again! But they never really go out of style – in 1826, Mary Shelley wrote The Last Man, envisioning the end of the 21st...

Best Books of 2016 Selected by Library Staff: Part 4

January 18, 2017 | Book Buzz

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Here are a few more reading suggestions from library staff members who were asked to choose the best book they read in 2016. Donna: The Woefield Poultry Collective by Susan Juby • eBook • Talking Book (restricted to Print Disabled patrons) Republic of Dirt: Return to Woefield by Susan Juby...

Hamilton: Not the Musical

January 13, 2017 | Lynn

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The newest book from the mind of Ian Hamilton will be released this upcoming week, entitled The Couturier of Milan. This is the tenth book in the wildly popular series written by Ian Hamilton, a Canadian author hailing from Burlington, Ontario. This series follows the highly adventurous and dangerous life...

Best Books of 2016 Selected by Library Staff: Part 3

January 11, 2017 | Book Buzz

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This is the third in our annual series of staff members' favourite books of the past year. This entry features fiction old and new, plus Trevor Noah's autobiography. Natalie: Christodora by Tim Murphy • eAudiobook • eBook Tim Murphy's Christodora was amazing! The book follows New York City through the...

Best Books of 2016 Selected by Library Staff: Part 2

January 4, 2017 | Book Buzz

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Each year library staff members select their personal favourite books of the year. These are not necessarily books that were published in 2016, but they reflect the best reading experiences we had in 2016. Mike: The Nix by Nathan Hill • Audiobook • eAudiobook • eBook • Talking Book (restricted...