Singles Awareness Day Movies

February 13, 2017 | Cameron

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Every February 14th those of us who are not in committed relationships or dating anyone get to celebrate one of the most special of all occasions Singles Awareness Day (SAD). While others are out on romantic dates or eating chocolate those who are single are enjoying themselves by sitting and watching movies that show them what they may be missing, but don't really care about. So here are 3 films that you can enjoy all by yourself this year.

Fmn_857692005093_270Not Another Happy Ending

This film finds a young first time author so thrilled with her success that she rushes to complete her second novel. However, the publisher is not impressed at all with this effort and decides to make her miserable in order to get a better novel out of her. Tom may miss his chance with Jane as he has feelings for her and his attempts to make her miserable don't go unnoticed.





Dsa_857063005639ld_270Let's Ruin it With Babies

This film is all about a young woman who has the perfect life. She lives in a big house, has an awesome job running her karaoke bar, and the perfect husband. The husband wants to ruin her life by having babies and she is not all that interested in that. This is a somewhat auto-biographical film from filmmaker Kestrin Pantera.



Grv_grav00777_270The 10 Year Plan

This film features Myles and Brody who are best friends but total opposites. They have made a pact that if they are still single in a decade that they will get together and be a couple. Myles is a hopeless romantic looking for Mr Right and Brody is on the prowl looking for Mr Right Now. When the decade is almost up the two of them will do almost anything to avoid their pact and committing to each other.




All of these films (and many others appropriate for SAD) can be streamed through the Hoopla website.