Getting Your Work Out Into the World.

August 29, 2017 | Jen McB

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Don't you love acronyms? SASE, SEO, CV, CMS, these are all important terms in use today. 

Every sector has their own lingo of words that make sense to insiders, leaving the rest of us in a daze of confusion and newbies feeling very green.  

Artists are no exception and there are some acronyms you need to know if you are considering art school, are in art school or have just finished.  Even if you have been finished for quite some time, there are new acronyms just to spice things up and confuse those of us who thought we knew what we were about.  

It is about how you can get attention.  Getting out into the world and getting noticed.   

A formal SASE is not about taking personality to the level of art star and being known for a certain temperament.  A little bit of sass is entertaining but not so fun to work with.  A  request for a SASE means submitting a Curriculum Vitae(CV) along with a "Self-Addressed Stamped-Envelope".  It is a courtesy considering that small galleries do not have the resources needed to return everyone's documents, be they CDs, USBs or anything of unusual size.  You the artist must get in touch with your local shippers and ask for twice the mailing out rate to be calculated.  I recommend having a roll of stamps on hand because you never know when the perfect call will be posted.  The post office now offers online services so it is very easy to get postage when you work odd hours.  

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However, post social media, there is a little secret you need to know.  If you want to reach a younger audience you must work on your online content too.  This is what SEO entails:  you have a Facebook page;  a Pinterest account; a Twitter profile;  if you are a visual artist, an Instagram; if you are any kind of arts professional, your own webpage or blog.  SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and it is how bloggers make their income.  They have leveraged the powers of the internet to teach you what they know, but it is also a way to reach people and show them what you see.  

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Optimizing can take anywhere from four to six months to make an impact.  That said, it can happen within a few days to a few weeks if you know what you are looking for.  It is a growing field for people with an arts background and you do not need HTML experience when first starting.   Your tasks are to tag as many relevant search terms as applicable on a Content Management System (CMS) and hopefully to get other like minded sites to link back to your content.  WordPress is one such system, you can get started free and have a basic blog that will share your content instantly across the above mentioned social media.  You do the work once and you can reach more people.  Tumblr is another blogging website that makes great visuals.  If you are trying to connect with galleries or other artists or even people who may be interested in contacting you, these are great tools for creating exposure and networking.  If you are already represented, it is an even better tool to direct web traffic to your show, your online shop, and your representation.    

For more on WordPress and Tumblr see below or do a search for library programs.  The answer to the title question is both, if you know about both the SASE process and how to use SEO you stand a better chance at achieving your goals.  Happy optimizing.     

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